Application for a top-up loan

Raise the credit or apply for a new one? Borrowers who have already taken out a loan through creditend can apply for a top-up loan. In the case of a top-up loan, the borrower has already funded a loan through creditend. The deletion of my customer account was requested directly. Additional loans and follow-up loans are possible creditend has established itself as a credit marketplace, where individuals can easily and easily obtain a loan.

Clear yes to the loan for self-employed

Clear yes to the loan for self-employed

Compared with credit institutions such. Buk banks such as commercial money lenders, are the financiers on the online platform creditend. Affected are many self-employed and self-employed persons. With creditend you have the option of not submitting your loan application for traders like a house bank, but of presenting and justifying it in the form of a project.

For example, with the help of creditend, a borrower could realize his desire to own his own catamaran and sell ice cream from his ship in Berlin. Follow this example as well and dare to realize your very individual wishes with a help loan! A self-employment loan is available on the creditend online platform.

Due to the lean structure of the company with a flat structure, the administrative and personnel costs at creditend are low. The freelancer appeals to a large number of private investors in the credit marketplace with his creditworthiness presentation. The contact between the two partners is made by creditend. They are calculated individually for each loan. The loan for self-employed persons is processed via the IntraBank with payment and monthly repayment.

The respectable credit with help money is the best opportunity for self-employed and self-employed persons to receive a credit without great expense: However, in these and many other exceptional cases, lending is not a matter of course for the self-employed on the capital market, but rather the peculiarity. Unlike civil servants, employees and employees, the self-employed do not have a wage-guaranteed salary.

Under these conditions, the bank sees an unacceptable or hardly justified default risk for the self-employed, so that the borrowing requirements for the self-employed are only approved by the banks in exceptional cases. ¿How do personal loans work? Unlike banks, creditend does not self-exclude workers and freelancers directly from their profession.

Qualification filter

Qualification filter

At creditend, this so-called “qualification filter” does not exist in this form: no one is exempted from the loan application because of his job in advance. Self-employed people, in particular, often need loans that are difficult to obtain. For example, funds are needed to start up your own business or to start a business. Thus, self-employed and entrepreneurs give the economy a boost and create jobs – but they do not get loans in many BÃ?

However, these independent companies, with the help of creditend, can use the power of the community to inspire individual retail investors with their economic interests. creditend, the online credit marketplace, provides the necessary hub for the direct merger of loan seekers and investors, with no intermediary bank acting as an intermediary. Over 50,000 individuals have already invested in creditend – over 43,000 loans have already been placed. creditend networks people:

Loan seekers get from private investors the necessary capital, which they reward with a profitable return. The fact that creditend works completely on the Internet with its state-of-the-art financial concept also gives you, especially as a self-employed person, a number of advantages over banks and savings banks: How will I become creditend? The acceptance of a borrower at creditend requires a minimum age of 18 years, a German-speaking user account and a place of residence in Germany.

Prerequisite for access to the stock exchange and the publication of your loan application is the credit rating according to the creditend criteria. For this purpose, creditend determines your personal creditend score within a few moments based on different influencing factors. These are assigned to one of seven score classes (AA-X), which is an essential parameter for the investment decision.

With increasing credit, the better your credit rating, the better the score and the better the hedge for the investor. The more reliable your ability to pay, the lower the installment payment you pay. In addition to the credit bureau score, your score is calculated from over 300 different characteristics.

In addition, no security features need to be specified for aid. Based on the Group’s many years of expertise, the creditend score is constantly evolving to allow even more people to take out loans and become independent of the banks. Even people with worse scores can get loans here. Many borrowers have already used creditend as an alternative provider for the refinancing of various installment loans.

Freelancers have the same opportunities as other debtors. Still others laid their livelihoods back with a loan for the self-employed. Such use is possible with an additional installment loan between 1000 and 50000 EUR and a variety of other forms of financing are possible. Decisive for the conditioning is your creditworthiness in the form of the creditend Score and the desired duration.

Commissions on aid for the brokerage activity will only become effective after the loan has been granted. Only if your loan is fully paid, you have signed and sent us all the documents and the funds have been deposited into your bank account, you will pay a commission of 2.95% of the loan amount. This means that you have a fixed repayment amount for the installment loan amount over the period you have set yourself: Choose the duration so that you can pay off the loan without any problems.

That’s the only way to lend and attract the interest of our investors, who can also lend to groups of people like freelancers and freelancers. In addition, the loan platform offers the early repayment of the loan as well as follow-on or top-up loans. In particular, if you have already completed loans through creditend, this information will be listed in your individual creditend account and increase the chance of a follow-up loan.

With creditend, you can take out several loans that you can use to carry out your projects. Write your own success story and start with a help loan for self-employed. Request a credit now! Whether corporate credit, operating credit or other installment loan: With the exact step-by-step instructions for borrowers nothing stands in the way of your dream.

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