Credit for Professional Soldiers

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Banks would like to have them deposit the loan amount in advance as it is becoming increasingly difficult for consumers to obtain credit. An exception here are the civil servants and professional soldiers with their official status. The banks are worried only about the repayment of their granted credit. With a professional soldier or official the risk is very low, that here the repayment does not take place, because no official will put because of a loan his civil service career on the line.

Therefore, professional soldiers are also welcome at any bank as a borrower. In a time soldier, the lending depends on the remaining service with the Bundeswehr. Professional soldiers and civil servants are among the customers with the least difficulty in repaying the loan. For this reason, banks not only like to give credit to a professional soldier, but sometimes also like to lure them with special conditions. Even with a professional soldier on time, the loan for professional soldiers in its term with the length of the service period must correspond approximately.


What are the advantages of having a loan for professional soldiers?

In many cases, civil servants’ loans consist of combinable, very interesting products. Here the total package can consist of a loan with a pension insurance or endowment life insurance. The advantage here is that the loan for professional soldiers is repayment-free. At the end of the repayment term, the loan is repaid by the pension insurance or life insurance. 
Due to his official status, the professional soldier has the possibility to apply for installment loans, civil servant loans and loans without Schufa. Only the confirmation of the status of a professional soldier is required.


Again, pay online comparisons on the Internet. Saving via an online calculator can easily save several hundred dollars a year. For a professional soldier with civil servant status, a loan without Schufa is to be discouraged. First, it is much more expensive and at the end of the term, the burden on a professional soldier can have a negative impact.

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